5 more weeks till the creative thinking and idea management workshop in Stellenbosch!

Everything is planed and done. Mario will stay in South Africa for only ten days and has a tight schedule to fit in all that creativity. We have five tickets and one student ticket left for the creative thinking workshop at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. Contact su@mariopricken.com for infos and bookings!

Our workshop participants are our best advertising!

Here are some statements of participants of our first creative thinking workshop in Cape Town in August 2012:

"I did this earlier this year, and it was fantastic. Definitely a brain stretch; some really useful techniques and ‘aha’ moments.
"I found the workshop challenging and illuminating, we learned useful techniques to build on what I already know. I learned the importance of creating an agreed playing field where no idea is stupid & that even weak material can be developed. I got reminded how important it is to really interrogate the goal."
Gillian Rightford, CEO of AdTherapy, Cape Town

"I had the pleasure of attending a dinner with Mario during his stay in Cape Town in 2012 and was intrigued. We spoke about his work with the Fraunhofer institute in Germany, which is a worldwide renown scientific research facility. For me with a strong technical background, the work with the scientists there is for me proof of his unique skills.
In the advertising world, the endless stream of ideas is part of our daily job and to me, it is fascinating to deal with the topic “creativity” in a strategic matter.
I will attend the upcoming workshop with Mario in April 2013 in Stellenbosch and can not wait for the new insight.”
Ivo Brodnik, Creative Director at Punk/King James Group, Cape Town

"It taught me to revert back to basics and to formulate a goal before I execute. The course is not just for creatives as not all creatives can be creative at all time. Anyone can benefit from this course."
Esther Haixema, NamPower: Marketing and Corporate Communication, Namibia

"The workshop was surprising and exciting. My new insights are that many ways lead to rome and creative ideas need structure. But most importantly, without a goal there will be no useful result."
Steven Mewissen, Founder and CEO of GSDH, Digital marketing agency,
Cape Town & Munich

"I have learned new creative thinking methods through practical exercise in a relaxed environment in a creative team. I can use those learned techniques in a wide variety of fields. The most surprising fact for me, was how I can actually think out-of-the-box with very simple tools."
Lars Fishedick, Architect, Model builder, Artist, Cape Town & Berlin

It was enjoyable and participative - learning by doing rather then listening to a presentation.
Kim Miller, Timesquare Advertising, Johannesburg

I am a big fan of Mario Prickens books, to learn his strategies from him personally however has been a very hands-on experience which makes it easier for me execute the methods in my every day life.
To me the workshop was inspiring, challenging and mind blowing. I learned many new tools to assist with the thinking process.
Barbara Fassler, Founder & CEO the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, Cape Town

IAA names “Creative Advertising” the creative bible

The IAA (International Advertising Association) is since 1930 an internationally acclaimed organization of advertising and marketing.

In their official bibliography of recommended specialist literature, the longtime bestseller “Creative Advertising - Ideas and Techniques from the World’s Best Campaigns” is their number one recommendation in the area of creativity.

The IAA and many professional in the industry agree that Pricken’s “Creative Advertising” has become an international acknowledged standard work in the area of idea management and creative techniques.

Accommodation during the creative thinking workshop in April

Hosted by the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography (Nr:1 Educational Institution in South Africa) our workshop takes place in the beautiful wine lands of Stellenbosch.

There is great accommodation in walking distance from the Stellenbosch Academy, the area is just stunning:
-> http://www.proteahotels.com/protea-hotel-stellenbosch.html
-> http://www.kleinezalze.co.za/Rooms@Lodge.htm

We are now looking for media partners for our workshop!

Contact SU at su@mariopricken.com if your are keen to experience the workshop for free and publish your thoughts!

Creative techniques and idea management workshop in Cape Town: Round two!

The Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography present Mario Pricken in April 2013 in Stellenbosch for a two-day workshop.

After the sensational success in August earlier this year, the Austrian creative guru, Mario Pricken, best-selling author of Creative Advertising (130 000 copies sold in six languages) is coming back to South Africa on the 3rd&4th of April 2013.

We are already on bizcommunity and work again with the DMMA.

Book now!

Again only 20 spots to fill!